Who’s Blogging What: 2010 Facebook Page Marketing Guide (free download)

Frankly speaking I love free guides: they give such good hints on premium guides and immediate tips on what’s up in the market.

Who’s Blogging What now gives an opportunity to delve deep into Facebook Page Marketing.

facebook free guideThe 30-page guide has truly interesting (albeit not completely new) tricks&tips regarding the Facebook Page arena; a recommended reading is Getting People To ‘Like’ Your Facebook Page by Lisa Barone.

You have to make people want to join your Facebook page.
It’s simple: You can’t market to or build brand awareness with someone who’s not opted in. What’s not simple is getting a user to hit that ‘like’ button. Users are a lot more discerning on Facebook than on other social sites. For them to opt into your page, they need a compelling reason. It’s a big step from passively liking a brand to publicly ‘liking’ them in full view of friends and colleagues. You have to make it worth their while.

That’s as simple as it seem even though a tough goal to reach.

Get the Facebook Page Marketing Guide by clicking here, it’s free, it’s fun and may be useful too.


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